Nasty NSX

Photos: Devin Ando & Layton Taguchi

So if you don’t know who Mike is, you probably have seen a few of his cars in the past. His current car is a Formula Red 1992 Acura NSX. You can catch a glimpse of his nasty NSX at the local car meet or showcased in the SMG Hawaii booth. Mike has started his journey into modified cars with a Honda EF. After he was done with that, he moved on to an EG, then a CRX, an Integra, a few S2000s and finally is current project is this NSX. As you can see, Mike read more


Bringing Back the Under Glow

Photos: Devin Ando & Layton Taguchi

Been hearing about this car for a while now and finally I got to see it. What surprised me the most is how well this car was done. Justin has brought something special to what was to be another 86 project. From the outside, you can see it is a very clean modified corolla. As soon as you open the hood, you see something that isn’t like the other Corollas you see. A SR20det. It is not a birds nest of wires and useless things in the bay. Its is just a read more


Attention to Detail

Words: Sean Yoshioka, Photos: Devin Ando

Alex has been a long time friend of Racesauce and me. His attention to detail on his previous cars and choice in quality parts is the reason we’ve used his prior cars as official Racesauce booth cars time and time again. These traits also set the precedent for his current car, a BMW E92 M3. I was anxious to see what he would bring to the table with this new build. What was done so far is astounding. From the exterior you can see; Varis canards, GT read more

Aloha Cali Cruise 2014 300px

Aloha Meet

Racesauce is doing it again! We are in Cali doing another cruise with @sarachoii, @jspirit_brand and @royalorigin. If you’re out in the Westminster area, come down and meet the people who are the leaders of the Hawaii Import car scene. Follow @sarachoii and @racesauce for photo coverage of the meet.

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Aloha Cali Cruise 2014


Friday May, 16 2014
M&M Donuts
1614 W Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA read more


One Thing Leads to Another

Words: Sean Yoshioka, Photos: Devin Ando & Layton Taguchi

This stanced beauty is Jesse’s pride and joy. Ideas for this build stemmed from his first hand me down S13. It was a drift oriented project.  He always wanted to build a quality S13 according to his taste and style but building a quality car on a chassis that has been drifted and beaten often proves to be stressful. Taking a smarter route he purchased this S13 as a shell and started from the ground up. Always a fan of the S14 read more


HIN Honolulu 2014 Photos

Words: Sean Yoshioka & LTBA, Photos: Devin Ando & Layton Taguchi

HIN’s third event of the year kicked off on March 29, 2014 in Honolulu. With HIN came the lovely Dannie Riel, Trinity Dang, Brittani Page, and Jeri Lee. In talking to some of the people in line for pictures with some international models in the model lounge, they told me that they came to the show just for that. Some even stood in line for more than four hours just to meet their favorite model. Local cars from all over read more

HIN Honolulu 2014

Racesauce will be hosting both official pre and after parties this year! Our team will also be at the HIN car show taking photos and bringing the hottest models. Come join RACESAUCE for two days of entertainment. Information on the pre and after parties will be uploaded later tomorrow.
HIN Mar 2014 Flyer New1
March 28, 2014
Official HIN Pre-Party (21+)

March 29, 2014
Hot Import Nights Car Show
Neil Blaisdell Center
777 Ward Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
4:00PM to 10:00PM

March 29, 2014
Official HIN read more

funnynight 300x300


Come join Racesauce for the Honolulu edition of the #funnynight / vtec meet hosted by Jspirit tonight at 6pm at Pearlridge downtown rooftop. Details on flyer below. We will be covering this event so make sure your cars are clean and ready for our team to take some pictures. Please follow Racesauce on Twitter and Instagram for live pictures of the read more

#alohaoc thoughts

Write up and photos by: sarachoii

So I recently decided to take another vacation to LA because I love SoCal!! Mainly for the food and Disneyland this time. Anyways, a week before I left, I was thinking “hmmmm maybe I should host a s2000 meet since I’ll be up there and it would be sick to see fellow s2000 enthusiasts and it would be cool to meet new friends!” So I brought up the idea with my Racesauce fam and in the end we all decided that we should host a Racesauce meet. It was set. Thanks read more

HNL x OC Meet Feature White

Aloha! Hawaii x OC Meet

Racesauce with support from JSpirit is having a meet in Cali at the Tastea Westminster location. If you’re in that area, come swing by and say hi to our very own @sarachoii! Show off your ride and meet new people. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #alohaoc, #jspirit, and #racesauce. Follow @racesauce and @sarachoii on instagram for photos of the meet!

Tastea 10189 Westminster
Garden Grove CA, 92843
Sunday February, 16 read more