Wekfest Honolulu 2015 Coverage

Once again Wekfest comes to Honolulu for the first big car show of 2015. We saw a lot of new cars and a bunch of our previous feature cars.

Photos: @alexkamm, @himynameisdevin & @laytonsauce



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Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

Every since I began my car enthusiast journey into the third millennium I’ve always yearned to travel to the mecca of automotive import car shows known as the Tokyo Auto Salon. Now I can finally say I’ve made that journey and I did it with a few good friends.

The first day ( Friday ) was for press and special paid customers. I would advise paying that extra price to go on the first day. The second and third day had to many attendees and it was hard to really enjoy the cars or models without having to bump into other read more


HIN Honolulu December 2014

Hot Import Nights comes back to Honolulu for the second time this year. Come meet import models @dannieriel, @cinaluks, @mama_lee & @iheartlaurenlala at the show!

Saturday, December 6, 2014
5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Blaisdell Exhibition Center
777 Ward Ave
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

For all you 21+, go to the Official HIN Afterparty hosted by; Racesauce, Element Group and models; Dannie Riel, Jeri Lee, Trinity Dang, Cina Luks, Jenni Tran, Gwendolynne Gee, Donna Pham, Stephanie Snyder and Sierra Renee read more


Bolt From The Blue

Photos: @himynameisdevin & @laytonsauce


Looking at this 2008 Fiji Blue Pearl Honda Civic Si, you don’t think much of it. Yes it’s a blue Si and what can be so different? Well under the hood, there is a Full Race turbo kit and all the fancy toys to accompany that setup. Making something in the neighborhood of 600 whp, this is nothing to take lightly. We never got to see what this car is capable of but we can imagine what it can do. This is a car that would not win car shows by read more


Day Trippin

Racesauce and Jspirit hosts another cruise, Day Trippin. Follow @racesauce on Instagram for up to the minute details of the route and photos of the meet. Open to anyone and everyone. Bring whatever you got. Mom’s car will do. Just wash, wax and top off the gas when you return it to her.

Date: Sunday, November 16, 2014
Meet up: 11:30 AM CORP
Roll Out: 1:00 PM
Route: TBD

Official Hashtags: #racesauce #jspirit #racesauce12years read more


SPOCOM Honolulu 2014

Photos: @himynameisdevin & @laytonsauce

In our booth, we had Import Models Vicki Li (@vickibaybeee) and Chanel Christine (@chanerubaby), a modded Ferrari F430, and of course the Racesauce car show team. The friends of Racesauce stopped by as well. Some are Motor Mavens, Superstreet Magazine, 86 Fest, and The Chronicles. Please follow all of them and our team on all your favorite social media outlets.

This car show brought out a lot of cars we have not seen either in a while or at all. read more


Nasty NSX

Photos: Devin Ando & Layton Taguchi

So if you don’t know who Mike is, you probably have seen a few of his cars in the past. His current car is a Formula Red 1992 Acura NSX. You can catch a glimpse of his nasty NSX at the local car meet or showcased in the SMG Hawaii booth. Mike has started his journey into modified cars with a Honda EF. After he was done with that, he moved on to an EG, then a CRX, an Integra, a few S2000s and finally is current project is this NSX. As you can see, Mike read more


Bringing Back the Under Glow

Photos: Devin Ando & Layton Taguchi

Been hearing about this car for a while now and finally I got to see it. What surprised me the most is how well this car was done. Justin has brought something special to what was to be another 86 project. From the outside, you can see it is a very clean modified corolla. As soon as you open the hood, you see something that isn’t like the other Corollas you see. A SR20det. It is not a birds nest of wires and useless things in the bay. Its is just a read more