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Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

Every since I began my car enthusiast journey into the third millennium I’ve always yearned to travel to the mecca of automotive import car shows known as the Tokyo Auto Salon. Now I can finally say I’ve made that journey and I did it with a few good friends.

The first day ( Friday ) was for press and special paid customers. I would advise paying that extra price to go on the first day. The second and third day had to many attendees and it was hard to really enjoy the cars or models without having to bump into other people.

I was surprised at the number of luxury and exotic cars amongst what I anticipated was going to be a entry to mid level sports car exhibition. Custom Lamborghinis really made an impression on how I viewed some of the Tokyo Auto Salon’s market trends.

D1 Grand Prix’s demonstration area was pretty insane. I couldn’t get a good view on day two or three of the exhibition as there were so many spectators surrounding the area. It’s good to see that D1 Grand Prix is still hot and doing well in Japan.

Special thanks to GMG Design, Eight Star, Tai of Hecto Pascal and Sara Choi for making this experience so memorable. We’ll be back for Tokyo Auto Salon in 2016 and I hope to bring more media coverage to this website soon!




Photos: Alex Kamm

racesauce_tokyoautosalon_featured01 copy

Sara Choi ( Hawaii ) modeling at the GMG & Eight Star Booth in Hall 7 at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

racesauce_tokyoautosalon_featured02 copy

Day two was all kinds of busy.

racesauce_tokyoautosalon_featured03 copy

GMG & Eight Star worker

racesauce_tokyoautosalon_featured04 copy

GMG Boss, Sara Choi, & Tai from HectorPascal ( Osaka )

racesauce_tokyoautosalon_featured05 copy

Some of thee prettiest looking models from the Liberty Walk booth and Sara Choi.


Kiani Yamamoto rock’n that Racesauce Spaghetti Tank Top next to this bad ass Forgiato Lambo.